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Thread: [YADS] Sofanovel / Vlight / Noizz Technology

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    [YADS] Sofanovel / Vlight / Noizz Technology

    When did the Philippines become the hot place for publishing scams? Writer Beware has been pointing this out for awhile.
    An apparent YADS operation called Sofanovel Press has been pimping itself on Goodreads for a couple months, in particular a romance novel contest of a dubious nature. Novels are of any length from 5K words. Um, sure.

    When called out in discussion about the lack of editing in the books on display, they blamed the writers, insisting that they were preserving their vision, or some such crap. Other questions were ignored.

    Prizes were supposedly cash -- in Philippine pesos, but one person put forth the opinion that the "prize" might be paid as value of "services" that Sofanovel provides, like that non-existent editing.

    I think this one needs its own thread. They keep coming back to Goodreads, posting in different discussion groups. I do not have the time to look up all their links and Facebook pages, though.

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    Broken out from Stratton Press thread.

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