After more than three years of blood, sweat, tears, drafts, and redrafts, my second YA thriller, The Glare, is up for preorder and on Goodreads, where some lovely AW'ers have already been kind enough to review it. Some of you are in the acknowledgements, too. Release date is 7/14/20 (Bastille Day!).

What is the Glare, you ask? It's where you are right now. It's the place that laptops, phones, tablets, and flatscreens are portals to. It's the second universe you carry around in your pocket. It's the eerie bluish glow that keeps so many of us mesmerized for hours on end.

Sixteen-year-old Hedda has been exiled from the Glare for the past 10 years, ever since it made her do things that were Very Bad. Or so her mother tells her. But Hedda doesn't remember that, and she's sick of living in desert isolation. She wants to meet kids her own age.

When she does, she re-enters the Glare. What she finds there is a game you can download from the Dark Web, with a sinister urban legend attached. A game she has already played. A game that threatens her and everyone around her, because once you start playing, it's already too late.

If that interests you, stay tuned! I may do a giveaway when I have finished copies.