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I feel you, @The Second Moon. I love my characters so much in my vampire series. It hurts to think I'll one day be done with them. But what keeps me going is the idea that maybe I can revisit them later, after my brain has a chance to rest before thinking up some new ideas
That's all I can say, since I feel your pain. As I've mentioned before in a different thread, SnugglePuggle, I have sixteen books in the Barney and Mr. Thomas series, but I didn't think of them all in a day. It took me a year and a half to do that. In other words, I think your plan of giving your brain a chance to brew up more idea is brilliant.

Also, I realized that I'm not ready for the idea I loved as much as Barney and Mr. Thomas. It's a very deep YA and I'm not mature enough as a person or a writer for it yet, so I'll keep writing Barney and Mr. Thomas in the mean time.