Hi all,

I know absolutely nothing about Texas's geography and its population densities so I need to pick someone's brain on this one:

I've got a character whom lives in Texas but it would be by deliberate intent an extremely isolated place very unlikely to be visited by people, either intentionally or by accident, but it needs to be a place where people had once been before a long time ago and had left structures that have been forgotten about by everyone. I'm thinking of a small abandoned mine of some sort, said character would not so much be interested in using the mine itself for anything (or at least I haven't thought of anything yet) but old out buildings, she would probably ignore most of them but use what's available to restore and live out of one. It can be desert or mountains but the key thing is it's extremely unlikely to be happened upon by anyone, again I know little about the geography outside of some movie cliches. I sort of picture the scene as a small grouping of maybe 4 or 5 modest sized buildings built for various small operation mining purposes that have been abandoned for probably at least 50+ years, they are graying, weathered and some partially collapsed but at least one of them is not so far gone that with effort it couldn't be restored to a reasonably livable state.