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Thread: Physics: Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaeZe View Post
    I wish they could explain it in English.

    I'm good at math to a point, then it changes into Greek.
    In my defense, I did say terse. I fear I may have misjudged what others might find "clearly written". The subject matter is one I was fortunate to have been taught in high school. (This is one of the reasons that mathematicians-full disclosure, I am not one-find this result so surprising.) It is the case, however, that any high school math teacher would cover many blackboards in presenting the material that the authors telegraph in a few short lines. Even so, it is, in the end, nothing worse than eigenvectors, eigenvalues, and expansion of a determinant in terms of minors.

    Many find the laconic style in mathematical writings needlessly gnomic. It does, however, bring with it the occasional elegance or even flash of wit. Many years ago an anonymous author published a pastiche titled "A Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting" in which he parodied the various schools of mathematical writing. The best example for present purposes was the proof in the style of Dirac (predictor of antimatter, inventor of magnetic monopoles), who was as laconic as they come, personally as well as professionally:

    "It is observed that there are no wild lions in the Sahara. The capture of a tame lion is left as an exercise for the reader."

    I hope that clarifies matters.
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