I'm a paranormal romance writer currently working on a four book series with a bonus book at the end (it's technically a 5th book but doesn't follow the plot of the first four- just wraps everything up after the events of the last book). I've been searching around on AgentQuery just to see what types of books agents are taking lately, just to research a little bit. I am nowhere near ready to send in my first book for representation yet, even though I have the ending done already. I found an agent that takes paranormal romance, and I saw she did a Q & A here on AW.

As I read through her responses (I'm not finished yet), it got me thinking when she said an acceptable fantasy book should be at 100k words, 120k maximum. My first book is at 70k, and my second at 54. Although I go back every few days and reread, adding in here and there, I don't think I have enough material to add another 30k for the first and 50k for the second.

But is that the rate I should be going for, though? Would she and other agents turn me down because of my shorter word count?