Except no, because we live in the most surreal, f*cked-up timeline imaginable, it was actually the alt-right that heckled him and his “dented trophy girlfriend” off the stage for Jr’s event about the launch of his book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us”. (“Dented trophy girlfriend” pejorative cheerfully stolen from the Wonkette.)

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The fiasco pointed to a factional rift on the Trump-supporting conservative right that has been growing rapidly in recent weeks, particularly among “zoomers” – student-age activists. On one side are one of the sponsors of Trump Jr’s book tour, Turning Point USA, a campus conservative group with a track record of bringing provocative rightwing speakers to liberal universities.

On the other side are far-right activists – often referred to as white supremacists and neo-Nazis, although many of them reject such labels – who believe in slamming the door on all immigrants, not just those who cross the border without documents, and who want an end to America’s military and diplomatic engagement with the wider world.

A number of the loudest voices at Sunday’s event were supporters of Nick Fuentes, a 21-year-old activist with a podcast called America First that has taken particular aim at Turning Point USA and its 25-year-old founder, Charlie Kirk. In a number of his own recent campus appearances, Kirk has faced questions accusing him of being more interested in supporting Israel than in putting America first. He has responded by calling his detractors conspiracists and racists.
So, that was amusing. Except, farking hell, man, how alt-right do you have to be to think that Tmurp and his hellspawn are too lefty? This Twitter thread by Matthew Sheffield gives a fair overview of what appears to’ve happened to poor Donnie Jr, and it suggests we ain’t seen nothing yet, in the way of open hate and recruiting efforts to try to add to the ranks of the new, out-loud & proud American Nazis.

This timeline sucks.