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Thread: Australia, on fire

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    Australia, on fire

    My work is closed tomorrow, as half of my coworkers live in the flame zone and no-one really wants to be slaving for the man when they're predicting the greatest, and most widespread, catastrophic fire risk day on record. Just don't mention climate change, or as the deputy prime minister of Australia puts it, the "ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies":

    Elsewhere, the Right's ramping up the narrative, Bolsonaro-style, that it's actually environmentalists and other progressives who have caused these fires. A totally supine media will allow this lie, and will let the actual culprits, who have systematically defunded our fire fighting resources while making sure that nothing will ever, ever be done about emissions reduction, get away scot free. Australia's systemic inability to respond to its now very immediate climate change crisis is just like America's inability to fix its gun crisis. Devastating, unfixable, self-inflicted, chosen.
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