When we write, we use our brains. When we use certain drugs, we damage our brains. Even if those drugs spawn crazy and wild ideas in the present, they will only work against us in the long run by slowly degrading our mental capacity.

Not that I really expect to change anyone's mind on the topic. I just find the idea of using harmful substances as a writing tool to be highly distasteful.

As for drugs in a figurative sense, I'm constantly surprised by how much better I feel after getting outside. No matter how many times I do it, I somehow always forget how much it helps. Running, in particular, has been giving me space to think lately.

Emotional anime music takes my mind on a roller coaster of emotions, which sometimes morph into random story ideas as I listen.

Also, browsing random photography and artwork (again, of the anime variety) can help me come up with ideas for characters and settings.