All right ya'll, I can't for the life of me think of how to describe this for a book. If any of you like to read mangas/manhuas/etc, you would know this very popular expression of emotion they use.

They write this little symbol, looks like it has about four corners on it, to show that the person is very irritated or annoyed.

I want to describe that in detail in my book without just the "he said, annoyed" part. My best attempt at it is "He clenched his jaw."

Does anyone else know of a better way? I like to be descriptive in my work, LOL. Or, did I hit it on the head already and there's nothing else to describe it better?

If anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, read this webtoon:

and scroll down to one of the the panels where the MC says, "Ugh. I can't believe the nerve of those soldiers." It's that little red symbol on her head.

That's also one of my favorite webtoons, by the way. Very enjoyable read and the art gets better as it moves along. Highly recommended!