Is "genres" even the plural of genre? Is it sad that I don't know that? Oh, hell, I'll just jump in with my question. I really do need to get over my fear of looking like an ignorant jackass in front of published writers.

Here's the scoop:

I have been considering self-publishing a diet book. I think it's a unique idea and take. Self-publishing - the idea of it, anyway - takes some of the heat off the idea of rejection email after rejection email. I'm in a fragile place, man, I'm in a fragile place! 'K? Cut me some slack.

I digress...

Anyway, I was skimming this forum because I literally have no idea where to start with SP. I would imagine I'll be looking at Amazon (Kindle) to start with.

But what I seem to be reading here is that the first book may be a bust, that authors should link multiple books and so on.

That's my dilemma. I have ideas for three books (two are about halfway written). They are in three entirely different genres...genre...genree...gene...yes. Right, would be using three different pen names. It would just seem really, really strange otherwise, in my opinion. These are the books I'm writing:

1. A diet book (as I mentioned);
2. erotica - very, very dirty erotica (ooo!) and
3. a ghost story about an autistic child.

There's NO WAY on earth or in heaven that the three shall meet. They HAVE to have different pen names attached to them. So I won't really be able to SP with the goal of having multiple titles, at least until I'm at the point where I have written, say, a second fiction title/novel. (I do not intend to write a second diet book. I want this one to stand alone. But I also want it to be my first, because I'm heavily invested in it, am enjoying it, and it feels less risky to me from a "rejection" point of view.)

What do you all recommend? Should I forget about SP and try for print instead, given the above? I'd love any input! Thanks, if you've read this far.