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Thread: Three Books, Three Genres, Three Pen Names?

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    I'm an indie, used-to-be trade author. I write in several genres under ONE name. I am also a full-time writer. My suggestion is to go with what you want to do but don't self-publish thinking it's something to fall back on. It's just as viable of a method of publishing as trade.

    As for different genres, readers don't care about that anymore. Many authors write in many genres now under one name. Either the reader will read something or they won't. Some will crossover but you shouldn't expect that. Remember, you are writing for different audiences so don't expect every reader to read everything you write. The only time I would suggest using a pen name is if you write erotica and children's books. You can't write under those two genres under one name. No. But anything else, meh. As I said, unless you are trying to get all your readers to read all these different things, it won't make a difference what you write. I write about 7 genres and getting ready to begin a new one. My audience has no issue with it. As I said, some will crossover and some won't but if they like your writing then you might sway them to try a new genre.

    Also, having different pen names is WAY too much work. I've tried the pen name thing. I used to write erotica a bit too and used a pen name for that because I didn't want those stories to dilute my brand. Not that I have an issue with erotica but the erotica I was writing was too far out there, etc. Anyway, it was too much trouble for me. With new pen names, you have to have multiple websites, social media profiles, a duplicate of almost everything. You'll spend more time promoting than writing. Some authors do the, "So and So writing as So and So". That never made any sense to me. If you are gonna write as JD than why tell people you are Nora? Might as well just write the Robb books as Roberts and go on. People already know it's you.

    But, yeah juggling pen names can be a pain in the butt and I am too busy with my books as it is. I suspect the difficulty of juggling many genres is why many authors now write under one name. If I had a pen name for everything I wrote I'd have 7 or 8 names! I wouldn't even be able to keep them straight. It might be doable if you only write two genres, but not if you write as many as I do.

    With every new name you are starting from scratch. No audience, no brand, nothing. Ain't nobody got time for that.
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