Hi all! I wasn't sure where to post this but anyhow here's my question. I am a paranormal romance writer, and I'm working on a currently planned 4 book series. I am in the middle of my 2nd one right now, and I want to have a proposal at the end, since the 3rd will be the wedding (among various plots which I won't get into right now). Anyhow, I had their dating life paced a bit slow in the first book, so I am a bit unsure as right now, they are nearing their 1st anniversary together in the second book. Is it too soon to propose?

My current thoughts were possibly along the lines of 1) the couple recreates their first date and the male MC proposes at the same place they had their first kiss, or 2) have a completely different anniversary celebration and have him propose in a different, unique kind of way.

So along with that, I'm pondering on if it's too soon to propose, but I don't have enough material down yet to know if I can spread the book out for another year of dating before a proposal (since the proposal will be the end of the book after they go through a certain, very hard trial of sorts).

Any thoughts you have on this matter I would appreciate! Thank you <3