Hey team,

Quick curious question.

I'm working on a story with three POVs, and I'd say in terms of limelight, the characters hold about equal amounts of limelight in the book. (One POV per chapter).

However, there isn't always a pattern on the order of POV chapters. Sometimes A's scene ends, and C's scene would pick up right after it, not Bs.

So my question is--does there "have" to be a pattern for POV changes? Do I need to do A, B, C, A, B... ? Or can it be sort of random: A, B, C, B, A, B, C... so on, with the spread still being about even in the end?

I can't find many articles about this particular question, and I haven't really paid attention to how fantasy authors do it. And when I ask does it "have" to be that way, I'm more so asking if that's considered a form of better writing than random?