Please don't make fun of me for being gullible or ignorant. I'm young, I'm not in the publishing industry, and this post is giving me simultaneous "this can't be true" and "Amazon would totally do this" thoughts.

So, here's the post: The problem with Amazon and Indie Publishing

Itís been brought to our attention that some serious nonsense is happening regarding Amazon and Amazon-owned distributors (looking at you Book Depository) stating falsely that our books are either out of stock (false) going to take two months to ship to you (FALSE) or allowing scalpers to set the price at ridiculous amounts such as these, instead of our actual price:
So what the heck is going on with Amazon then? Well, as Iím sure youíll all be shocked to learn: Amazon is a complete bag of dicks and are actively throttling our sales because we chose not to use their printing service. Yep, Iíll say that again: Amazon actively throttles the sales of Indie Authors who choose not to use Kindle Direct to Print as their main printer and distributor and then tries to get you to buy the Kindle Version so THEY can get the sale:
It can't really be that nefarious, right?