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I have been working as a freelance proofreader and editor for a few years now and have always just handed off the completed version of whatever I was editing back to the author or their publisher and that was it. Oftentimes, their books would never even make it to market or would fail due to mismanagement on the part of their publisher.

So, I have decided to now offer FREE, complete publishing services to anyone who has a book written but doesn't know how to get it out there properly. I literally just started doing this and, since I really need to get some published titles under my belt, I will publish any well-written book in digital and print completely for free. You just send me your book, I do everything (marketing, distribution, etc.), and then I send you a portion of all money made in whatever form works best for you.

If any of you are interested in helping launch this new service, please email me: contact@maximuscorporate.com (feel free to email me too if you're just interested in general editing/proofreading services as well!).

I hope I can be of some help to anyone who has something written but doesn't know how to or doesn't want to deal with the publishing process!