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@JohnLine, you should be able to use that one license on your new computer if you buy it; you'll just have to uninstall it and install it on the new one. That's how my multiple licenses have worked with Office 365, anyway.
Microsoft has three types of licenses that I know of:

  • The subscription model: Used in Office 365, users pay a monthly fee and then have access to software. They receive upgrades for free.
  • The OEM License: The vast majority of MS software is sold as OEM, it allows software to be installed on one machine and one machine only, although sometimes they allow more than one install for ease of support. Upgrades are full price
  • The Full License: Costs 2x to 3x the amount of an OEM license. Allows the software to be moved freely from machine to machine. Usually has a discount for upgrades.

Honestly they all stink, and this is why people pirate Word or use LibreOffice. To me LibreOffice feels like using Word 2006, it's perfectly functional but the layout is a bit dated.