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Thread: NovNoWriMo 2019 - A Bouquet of Newly Sharpened Pencils

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    Nov 2017
    Tamlyn--your ghost reading is intriguing me more and more. I used to read Anne Rice and enjoyed her ghost series very much. It was naughty.

    Mrs. Mig--I'm also excited by your cover and looking forward to seeing it!

    Can't believe how fast the month is flying. We had houseguests and such and it made me lose track of the days.

    [ ] self publish my novel! I think I can cross the finish line this month. The cover art and formatting is complete (except the cover art is evidently not quite the right size for POD so I've sent the guy a note.) I'm happy with both of the folks I hired. Mrs. Mig helped me find the formatter, thanks again!!!

    [ ] line up three promotional / climate outreach 'things' (local library talk etc) I interviewed with CoastToCoast Science which is a great podcast and we talked science and books. I have the interview back from the gal that runs the podcast and need to listen through it and see what should be edited out. So that's one and she wants to do a followup podcast which I suppose could count as two and I have a few feelers out--there's a climate-based youtube series that I might be able to participate on. We're seeing if it makes sense --their goals and mine. I've not really approached the library yet but one of the librarians did say to me that she'd like to have me give an author talk. So I'll see how these all develop before checking this off, but it's moving. (And more energy-consuming than I expected.) (Update--the youtube climate101 guy confirmed an interview for next wednesday on the ocean stuff I've been involved with. Huzzah!)

    [ ] improve website (specifically, get novellas into final shape and uploaded, perhaps another blog post, update the science page, and so on) One novella is uploaded. The other needs another round of polish. Subgoal: [ ] Make characters in second novella more LIKABLE.

    [ ] three hours aerobic exercise / week Nope.

    I've also beta'd a short HF and am in the middle of a SF. I mean, it isn't a goal but it is in the neighborhood.
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