Nice work, Vicky!
starry, congrats on the 643! ( - is it a question of spoons?)
Ptero, way to go! & enjoy all those stories
Oh boy, Magnus - I hope you feel better soon (ps - ‘Where’s Wierzbowski?’)
April, take care of yourself! & here’s too moar words for us all!

Day 18

WIP — 1/2 page
R/SC - wee bit of laundry
BP/$$ - earning service

Whoops - did it again, typed everything up & then went to bed without posting. Was very tired

Congrats on the 1251 Keith, you’re really moving!
Hey Starry, congrats on the 707
Daniel, I just keep eating the same things over & over. I got to think of some new items (I’m limited by not having an oven right now, too) Congrats on your ~2.4K!
Way to keep the words coming Ptero!
Congrats on the 1.7 days, Pia
& congrats on another 1K+ day, Keith

Day 19

WIP — 1 page (managed to get up a wee bit earlier this morning)
R/SC - cooked chickpeas (I do a lot of cooking…)
BP/$$ - earning service