Wow, time flies while you are waffling about and not writing. But I wrote today - not sure how many words as it was a mix of editing and adding but at least 500. I wonder if I’m stalling, in part, because I’m getting closer to publishing. Nothing slows me down more than fear. People kind of liked the first book - what if they don’t like this one? What if they have expectations and I fail to meet them? So I guess it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Pterofan - see my waffling reasons above...
Pia - wow, you’re not kidding it’s working!
Vicky - another Nano wow
April - welcome to the waffling club. I wonder if we are all nearing the finish line?
K Robert - congrats on the words flowing!
Daniel - that’s a bunch of words!
Layla - I love to hear your steady progress
Lirien - welcome!
Magnus - congrats on the “little writing”