Get well soon, Magnus!

Pterofan: Woo, well done! Whenever I set myself a daily count it’s quite often finished at 23:58.

sandree: Wow, that’s so close! Yeah, it might be wiser to hang off until January. Think of all those people with Christmas book vouchers to spend

Layla: You must have needed the snooze. Good job on still getting 1/2 page though. I used to beat myself up if I overslept but I’m getting better at letting myself off the hook.

Keithy: Crackin’ count! You’re fair flying through this one.

I ‘revised’ my final chap and started on the first one—about 1k drafted. Not the most productive day, but better than a smack in the face.

Day 13: Wee bit; 5 miles; slippery chills