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It was literally;
Chapter 1
POV1, two paragraphs
POV2, three paragraphs
POV1, rest of chapter
Chapter 2
POV1, one chapter
Chapter 3
POV1, half chapter
POV2, rest of chapter

Chapter 4-5
POV1, whole chapter and then some.
POV3, a couple of paragraphs.

All of these were in first-person.
Okay, I wouldn't last past the first page. And I think my editors would shoot me. It's very normal for a romance to have a POV shift two or three times a chapter, but there should be a substantial part from one point of view before it changes to the other. I mean, of course, people can write however they want. It's a creative job and rules are made to be broken, but head-hopping that extensive is probably not the best way to keep your readers sane.

The bit I put in bold is something I do with some of my chapters, so I have no trouble with that as long as there's a clear break in the shift (e.g. my publisher putting *** when it changes).

A scene could be from either point of view, and the choice of which one should come down to which character has the most at stake. Writing every scene from the perspective of every character in the room, their dog, and the pot plant in the corner is not the best idea.