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This is the best advice I have heard about trying to decide which POV to use.
That really is great advice. I need to follow it more often!

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I love a duo POV when done right. I've just given up reading a contemporary romance where it was constantly back and forth within the same chapter.

Also, I like the timeline to be constant. It peeves me off when I have to read the same chapter again but from a different view. That makes the book feel twice as long.
Head-hopping is pretty much a big no-no these days, but it was more common a few decades ago (I think that's what you're talking about?). My publisher marks POV changes with *** - I rarely have an entire chapter from just one character's POV, but I have at least a thousand words (approximately - I'm not counting!) from the heroine's view before changing to the hero's. Are the books you're reading where the chapter is redone from another character's perspective traditionally/trade published? Because I've never come across that before.