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Thread: WTF--emotional and physical abuse of women during childbirth

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    The Bible says nothing about abortion, one way or the other, which is interesting given how detailed it is in enumerating penalties for women for other "crimes" of a sexual nature. Jewish tradition is also that the life of the mother takes precedence over the life of the fetus.

    The Evangelical Right's obsession with abortion is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it was created by the GOP in the late 70s to shift the focus of conservative White Southerners, who had begun to enter politics en masse after the Supreme Court decision known as Green vs. Connoly (which outlawed tax exemptions for segregated charitable schools--a refuge for White Southerners who didn't want their kids attending the desegregated public schools). The GOP needed to grow its base and saw White Evangelicals as a group with potential if they could give them something to rally around other than the (as it was regarded at the time, anyway) "done deal" that was desegregation.

    The Catholic Church has also shifted their position on abortion over time, though they've always opposed it. They were originally more concerned about it enabling women to get away with "sexual sin," but wasn't regarded as taking a human life until quite recently.

    It's interesting how decisions made rather cynically, for political reasons, can become so entrenched within such a short time.

    Interestingly, White Evangelicals, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are the only groups that statistically support making abortion illegal in all or most cases today. Even Roman Catholics are very divided on the issue,

    and the majority of US Catholics do not favor overturning Roe V Wade.

    One thing that is interesting is the majority of Americans expect that elective abortion will remain largely legal in the US over the next 30 years. They are more confident than I am. The big question I have is whether or not there will be a huge backlash politically if the Supreme Court does partially or completely overturn Roe V Wade, and all abortions become serious crimes in at least some states.

    Note that this is a bit of a dog leg from the original topic of the thread, but forced pregnancy could be considered a form of abuse, and it certainly doesn't come from respect for women.
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