After two years and more queries than I care to admit, I finally got an offer of representation. The agent was very complimentary and personable on the phone, from a big reputable agency, and repeatedly said she loves the idea of being the agent for this book. However...her offer is contingent on my understanding that she has a very large client load and my book would not be a priority for at least a year, until "things calm down". 😳
I told her 3 other agents are still reading requested materials and to please let me contact them before I decide.
I nudged the other agents and one immediately responded with an offer! I talked with her yesterday and this agent was super excited about my manuscript (maybe too much??). Until I asked her about her how many books she's sold in my genre. Her website and publishers marketplace only list a handful of sales to small presses. She got a little defensive and said that's confidential information and I would need to trust her.
I can't believe the thing I wanted most, an agent, comes down to this choice. My gut says no agent is better than a bad agent...but beggars can't be choosers, right? Any thoughts would really be appreciated.