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Opened a jpg for a submission and I have NEVER read such a red flag. The get 50 subs a day and reject almost 100% of them -- they don't know what to do with this writer's submission??

RUN AWAY. No legit publisher would ever send such a ridiculous, unprofessional reply. It's clearly designed to push all the "OMG-I'm-gonna-get-published!!!" buttons for a validation starved writer.

So far as I am concerned all vanity presses are scammers.
Yeah, so many red flags for me, but some people don't blink at the fact that the "publisher" is asking if they need to do any formatting, I guess?

I my editing work I have known some authors who are quite clueless about that stuff. One even thought a company wanted to make a video game out of her self-published novel with minimal sales. Well, I suppose they did want to make it, but only after she forked over $10,000.