Cindyt: Gah, hope your tech issues resolve. Good job with continued revisions.

Pterofan: Glad to hear it—you deserve a rest and reward!

vicky: Those insights are just as valuable as words on the page, if not more so.

WGough: Oh no, that makes me happy! Takes a lot of pressure off. Story is queen, after all (Yay Chap 23!)

Layla: Oh, I hope you’re right. Awesome job pushing all the way to a page! K your hair sounds amazing—is it always purple?

What a slog. Finally got through Chapter 8 (about 2869 drafted) but it wasn’t pretty. I previously thought that my second half would be smoother sailing than the first but OH NO, definitely not the case!

Day 9: Decent bit; 5 miles; superhumans