Not mine, but passing it along.

I usually pass along things with a better remuneration, but I thought promoting "mental health and suicide prevention" is a cause close to more than one writer, so I thought I'd boost the signal on this one. All proceeds from sales go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, but there's a Kickstarter to pay the authors a nominal amount, up to $20. Authors can decline their payment if they wish.

Visit the website for important information regarding formatting, submission (all entries are blind), wordcount (2k-6k), and spelling/grammar preferences.


Open call for submissions

We are excited to share this open call to writers of horror and dark speculative fiction. We want you to submit your best short story between 2,000 and 6,000 words for our forthcoming charity anthology “Black Dogs, Black Tales”.

This will be a dark, doggy-themed collection where absolutely anything with a canine connection goes, with one essential caveat – the dog does not die. Everyone else can be slaughtered by zombies, or lost in the depths of deep space, but the dog (or dogs) will always survive.

What are we looking for?

We want you to think outside the box (or kennel) with this one.

Perhaps the dog is the killer, or maybe the dog kills the killer.
The dog might be your protagonist, unreliable narrator, or any other major character.
We welcome robot dogs and Frankenstein-creature dogs, mutated or evolved dogs, dogs with a sixth sense, or dogs that are just very special in their own right!
They can be real life dogs, ghost dogs, demon dogs, or the proverbial black dog.
Most importantly, surprise us with your best writing. We prefer psychological and supernatural or creature-feature stories over out-and-out gore.

We definitely don’t want:

We will not accept over-the-top unnecessary violence and gore; bestiality
No homophobic or transphobic stories or speech, or bigotry of any kind including sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, body aestheticism, etc.
No bullying of any kind, or violence towards children or infants.
The list goes on, but essentially your stories can be mature in nature but not offensive toward any group of people.

Are profanities okay?

Some swearing is fine, especially if it fits the tone.

And humour?

Of course! We want to have a unique and varied collection. Not all dark fiction has to be serious.

What about werewolves?

Yes, you can write about werewolves, but we would be looking for a strong and unusual take.

When should I submit by?

Our deadline is 29th February 2020, although we would recommend you don’t leave it quite that long, to allow time for feedback and perhaps nudge your story back between the guiderails.

Will I be paid?

This is a charity anthology and all proceeds will go towards the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, a charity which helps to run campaigns and services that cover all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. You can find out more about what they do here:
We feel very strongly that all writers should get paid for their work. We are currently running a Ko-Fi campaign — — to raise funds for this anthology which will also allow us to pay the writers of all accepted stories a nominal amount (up to a maximum of $20 USD per story). The writer may also choose to waive this payment, in which case it will be donated directly to the charity. We need you to be aware that payment for your story will only be possible if our target goal is met. If you are unhappy with these terms, you are free to withdraw your submission up to 2 weeks prior to publication.

Are you looking for artwork?

We would be very keen to receive any suitable artwork which could be used on the front cover of the book, or indeed as interior illustrations. Please contact us if you think you have anything suitable.

How else can I help?

If you’d like to offer assistance in publicising and marketing the book, arranging interviews or blog posts, or can provide editorial or other related assistance, please feel free to contact me.

In what formats will the collection be available?

Both ebook and print versions will be available.

Who will be the publisher of the book?

I’ve approached Steve Dillon from Things in the Well to be the publisher, and he’s gladly signed up for it. It will be formatted to align with their distinctive look and feel, and will fit in well with the other books in their series of themed anthologies.

etc, etc, etc.