Back when I was about 15 years old, I was still in school and wanted to come out to my friends. However, due to the way bullying was un-noticed back then, I didn't feel I was confident to "come out as Gay then. However I wrote my mother a letter to come out as gay at 15. (My dad was homophobic too so I didn't come out to him until I got him to understand the term gay and made sure he understood properly before coming out to him)

Anyway, almost 20 years later, I have seen myself in a different way and now place myself in the Bi-sexual category (Though I don't believe in lables or categories as it just singles each other out. We are all human and love who we want. To us, it's natural to love who we want regardless of whether they're male, female, or they. It's the way the big man above has made us. (I don't believe in the higher power called god by the way)

But to the OP. Welcome to the community! Hope it's what you had expected and hope to see more of these posts here!