Heyo. According to what I discovered when I scrounged up my login earlier today, it's been nearly seven years since I last participated in the AW Water Cooler forums. I initially joined as I tried to finish my first major novel project (actually on its fourth rewrite). I had to take a break due to mental health, work, and life obligations (fun fact, immigration paperwork is almost as involved as writing a manuscript), but I'm now trying to inch my way back into something like productivity, or at least learning how to love writing again.

If I've interacted with anyone here in the past, I'm sorry if my memory fails me; I'm considering this as new a leaf as I can try. I'm still working on both writing and illustrating, mainly in the form of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and urban fantasy(ish), with some fanfiction on the side. I think I also qualify as an 'internet old', as I've been kicking around online for over twenty years now.

Feel free to reach out to me with a message if you need Canadiana checks, or general reference on Canadian post-secondary settings, as I like to put my day job to good use.

See y'all in the threads....