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Thread: Teen killers and disparaging the younger generation

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayellbee View Post
    Thank you, Roxxsmom. Nothing bothers me more than people painting my generation like we're all lazy, immoral dimwits angry at the world.
    There are immoral dimwits in every generation but also plenty of decent people and a smaller number of exceptional people. It's an age-old habit of older folks to focus on the immoral dimwits who happen to be young and to assume they exemplify the entire generation.

    I suppose that's because of the human tendency to attend to bad news more than to good news and have confirmation bias and all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Albedo View Post
    At least he didn’t call them Millennials. I’m a Millennial, and I’ve got (a few) grey hairs.
    I think the author of the article I linked mislabeled the post-Millennial generation as Gen y (gen Y is the Millenials) instead of Gen Z. Gen Z are the kids of Gen X, and they are now in college! My brother and sister-in-law just drove up here to Northern CA with my oldest niece to drop her off at her dorms (she is attending my undergrad alma mater).

    My husband's "kid" sister is a millenial, and she is in her mid thirties and has a house, a career, a kid with another on the way.

    Will the generation after Gen Z be called "Generation AA"?
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