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2. Is it a problem to portray a race in a culture different to their present day one? Ex. People outwardly presenting as various East Asian cultures, but the culture is poached from Roman History.
- I am writing a fantasy novel. As such, the cultures for every group of people are made up, but potentially taken from various other cultures. Another example is the culture I have that is similar to the French 1800s but it's people outwardly present as Latina/Latino.
It's been a few months, and I know your questions have been answered, but I have a follow-up question. Are you saying that you are using real-world cultures as inspiration for the cultures in your fantasy world, or that you are lifting those cultures out of the real world, mostly intact, and inserting them into your fantasy world?

If it's the second one, I can understand why some would object. But if it's the first, it really doesn't seem reasonable to me that anyone would object. What are we supposed to do, invent new cultures completely from scratch? Even if that were possible (and it's not--real cultures are so complex that invented ones just wouldn't be credible), it would be lots of extra work for little payoff, in my opinion.

In my own fantasy world, I use a variety of skin colors, and draw loose inspiration from several cultures in history, because it gives the world greater depth and creates opportunities to explore cultural tension and discovery. I don't want to write about an entire planet of only white, vaguely Anglo-Saxon people just to tiptoe around a few unreasonable objections.