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2. Is it a problem to portray a race in a culture different to their present day one? Ex. People outwardly presenting as various East Asian cultures, but the culture is poached from Roman History.
No. I mean this in the nicest possible way: never superimpose Roman culture, or any other "western" culture (I'm aware there are plenty of different cultures) on East Asia. We have our own unique cultures whose traditions, beliefs, and modern day lives that differ very much to each other.

Also, you'll need to define "East Asian". Please don't tell me you mean Chinese because "East Asian" is NOT a synonym for "Chinese". There are many nationalities on this side of the world; would highly recommend researching the exact culture you wish to write about.

3. Can I use an aspect from a culture I really like in my story?
ex. I think the tradition of the Day of the Dead in Mexican tradition is super beautiful, and would love to incorporate it into the world I have, using it as a sort of way to connect to my characters ancestors. Is taking aspects of cultures like that (regardless of whether they are PoC cultures or not) problematic?

I strongly suggest reading up on cultural appropriation.

Roxxsmom has provided some good links.