Hey there ,

I usually avoid introductory things of this sort, but this time around maybe it is smarter to do one. I recently switched to the pseudonym JDSparrow, as a step further from the hard road I've had so far with switching all my writing from my native language of Bulgarian to entirely English. So following that I'm JDSparrow, or just Sparrow for short, I'm a 21 (but not for much longer) Media studies student. I'm Bulgarian, but I live and study in the Netherlands for about 3 to 4 years now.

I write mainly fantasy stories as it is what goes on in my head 24/7. If I am zoned out, it is probably because I'm thinking about the story I have been hooked on currently. Doesn't mean I have it all written down, things change too fast, but every now and then I make a part of it into words on actual paper, digitally or not.

Recently I've also picked up writing anything from stories, to articles related to different historical moments that caught my eye. This happened by me being incredibly dissatisfied while working on a group project with a company, and my colleagues took to the assignment more as to a high school homework than a real job which it actually was.

I'm expanding my writing in a lot of different genres recently, and it is honestly an amazing thing. While I struggle to put what I envision in my head as images, actual "game play" like scenes, I do my best. Thus, so I can better my ability to do that, and also my writing in English things other than my university assignments, I started working on a story inspired by my great grandfather and his war stories.

Briefly and without revealing too much, it talks about two men who are stationed as border guards. War becomes reality and it goes into the bond they have created while working as border guards, and a very important question/ promise they made to each other. This is so far actually how the real story goes, but within what I am working on writing, this is just the basis and all the surrounding details will be heavily changed as I was too small to remember the whole story and I will also do no justice if I write with the actual details (e.g. countries, nationalities, which war it was etc.).

Also I love helping other writers in any way possible, from helping with idea development, editing, beta reading and etc. If anyone would need any help, I'm your person!

This is basically me, and I will enjoy getting to know more around the forum.
Have a nice day/ night.

Ps.: Excuse any mistakes, I haven't had food yet and a hungry me doesn't do good with re-reading and editing.