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Thread: Character physical description resources

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    Quote Originally Posted by indianroads View Post
    For what (little) it’s worth, I’ve read novels written by women that did a horrible job with a male POV character. Palm to forehead, eye squint, shaking head bad. So IMO it goes both ways.
    Not really what we are talking about. You should check out

    We are not talking about issues about male authors describing women rolling eyes, or hand flying to her chest in shock. Not saying that female authors don't get things wrong when writing a male character, it happens but have you read any novels written by women when men are being described standing naked in front of the mirror admiring the thickness of their penis or the perkiness of their bum? Or women authors describing male characters having surprised nipples under their shirt, trousers straining against their firm ass, or over-sexualising teenage boys for no reason? That's what we are talking about.
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