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Thread: Nice to be here ; thanks for having me

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Sep 2019
    Iowa City, IA

    Nice to be here ; thanks for having me

    I am a relatively new writer, starting in earnest in 2012. I write general interest short stories, poetry, but have lately been occupied by my first novel, a mystery/thriller piece, which was published in May. I have two other works in process: a sequel to the mystery, and a time travel fantasy piece.
    I was drawn to this site to assist in evaluating a series of unsolicited pitches to market my book, including production of a screenplay. While these pitches were relatively artful, the Writer Beware portion of this site helped me spot them as scams, most of the Philippines-sourced variety of the scam. Thanks to the timely information, I dodged a bullet.
    I do, for now, have a day job (I am a transaction lawyer). Since I cut my writing teeth in a series of MOOC's in which peer review was an important element, I have been, and am willing to be, a beta reader.
    I am interested in learning from the many and varied forums.
    With best regards,
    Craig N. Willis
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