I feel like I haven't been querying long enough to have run into as many special circumstances as I have. Here's a new one for me, which I submit to the greater wisdom of AW sages:

I submitted to Agent A when she was at one agency. She's announced her new agency on Twitter. (BTW, third agent I've submitted to who has moved). When this has happened with other agents, I followed them to their new home and sent a query using the new system/submission manager.

But this time Agent A has moved to an agency where I have already queried Agent B, and the agency has a strict no multiple submissions within the agency. I take this to mean that I can't resubmit to Agent A. If she plucks a few promising brands from the trash fire of her slush pile at former agency, so be it. Otherwise, I'm out of luck until I get an R from Agent B.

Is this right?