I'm trying to work on my adult villain in my current WIP and I think I've fallen in love with him a little. But I'm not satisfied. He feels kinda flat and undone. I need examples of great villains, or what goes through other writers' heads when they create one. Villainy is not my strong point, I always prefer to work on my heroes.

Anyway, he's a rumpled old professor type, like Giles from Buffy, but evil, despite genuinely caring for the mc. I'm sure that hits several stereotypes and is kinda boring by now, the evil parental figure (like in Tangled).

Who or what are your current villains? What makes them interesting? And have you come to love them, despite the stuff they do?

I guess I'm distinguishing villains from mere antagonists, too. Villains are the deliciously dastardly people who know they're bad, or willing to go against their own morals, to accomplish something. Does that definition suit?