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Thread: Visiting websites from querying writers

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    Quote Originally Posted by litdawg View Post
    So by extension, agents may say they are interested in cli-fi, but when push comes to shove they might not be able to think of a publisher/editor interested in it as cli-fi per se.
    I do see a few editors claim interest in climate fiction. Diana Pho, for example. But not many, and Diana (I think) is a YA editor. Sometimes an editor will say 'climate fiction' and they mean something very specific--like contemporary fiction about the social injustice inherent in climate change. Imagine a story set in Arizona, where a reservation is losing what little water it had to begin with, for example, and imagine the ripple effect that has on everything within that community. Imagine telling that story from a YA viewpoint. That's an important story to tell, and occasional people (editors) want that sort of climate fiction.

    Important, undeniably, but that kind of story also shifts the blame, the focus, of the larger issue. For example, I do not personally feel guilt about displacing indigenous people--Maybe I should, because of the history of the US, but FWIW I do not. I support reparations to African American communities. I march to close the camps and cages. So, I don't feel like 'the villain' in these scenarios, and a person might conceivably come away from a social injustice climate change story with righteous indignation instead of guilt.

    That could sell.

    We need to stop burning fossil fuels. It's that simple. I wrote a story to try to make the math of the problem a little more obvious, because too many people say things like "CO2 is plant food" as though that absolves humanity of warming the planet and causing the sixth mass extinction in planetary history.
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