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Thread: Visiting websites from querying writers

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    Nov 2017
    Russ Galen--I believe I queried him. I believe it's a CNR but if it wasn't it was a rejection.

    Good thought on that, though--I might reach out to Bacigalupi. I used The Windup Girl as a comp for a while. What I've seen of The Water Knife is more the apocalyptic strain of Cli-Fi (similar vibe to that Nat Portman movie/based on the novel Annihilation). I didn't read past the blurb and opening pages on "Look Inside."

    Nice interview here where Bacigalupi joins the chorus of folks that talk about the importance of determination and patience in the publishing world:

    Those, at least, are traits I have.

    Apparently it was his fourth novel that sold. Looks like he was agented on his first and has a strong literary fiction streak.
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