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Thread: crass role reversal

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornflake View Post
    People tend to be awful in different ways.

    It does sound like you're attaching current male characteristics to women in this future society, in which case I guess they'd yell things men currently do?

    As to the reproduction thing, did they lose tech? We can clone people; humanity wouldn't die out without men.
    Yes. The story starts out on a star ship that has been isolated for 600 years - the systems are breaking down, the air is polluted and food is becoming scarce - even for a greatly reduced population. The command structure has also fallen apart, with street gangs battling each other for resources.

    Later they will meet up with another group of people who were left stranded on an icy planet (from book #2 in the series) that are slightly better off technically, but suffer with the same genetic problem - they handle the issue differently.

    The theme of this book is redemption - the groups will combine and will find a better place to live.
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