All my life I've had extreme anxiety (selective mutism) and have never liked dogs, but since I'm going to be staying in a dorm next year, I figured I need to jump my dog-disliking hurdle and get a comfort dog.

I hope to get shih-poo, because I think it may be the right type of dog for me. (I knew someone who had one and it was really friendly and calm)

Anyways I just wanted to share and ask if anyone else has or knows someone with a comfort dog. I'm not really sure about where I can bring it, since I'm still learning about this whole comfort dog thing. Also does anyone here own a shih-poo (they go by other names, too, so looking up an image might help)? What are they like? I've done a ton of research, but I'd like to hear from someone with more experience with that breed than me.

I'm actually really excited about this.

Thanks for reading this and for cheering me on.

I'll keep posted on my progress with getting the dog if anyone is interested.