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This. The problem with statistics is that not all queries are created equal. A well-written query and a solid few pages is going to have a much better chance at generating a request.

And the odds are still bad (although they're better), because good books are passed over all the time. The only reasonable thing to do with a rejection is to go over your query and any pages, and keep going - or not, if you've exhausted the possibilities or just don't want to wrestle with the frustration anymore.

It's also worth noting that QueryTracker stats are based on people voluntarily contributing their data. It can give you some insight, but it's not necessarily worth taking as gospel. A lot of agency web sites will have details about response times, and when you can assume that no response means no. It's always best to go to the primary source of information.

In any case, much sympathy for the frustration, stevkaprel. Many of us have been through the same thing. It's hard not to get discouraged, no matter how much logic you apply. You are not alone here.