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Thread: *rumpís African American cops a clue, quits the GOP over racism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Hignutt View Post
    I'm sure some of this is the sunk cost fallacy in action, some is the nature of regressive policies championed by the party, some is the fact the Russians have lots of dirt on lots of GOP members, and some people just aren't quitters (sadly).
    I think sunk costs are definitely a motivation for some people. It probably explains why so many working class people continue to vote for a party that clearly isn't supporting their interests, aside from a few mealy mouthed platitudes about jobs being taken by immigrants and too-liberal trade policies. Heh, remember when Democrats were the protectionists?

    However, there are a lot of Americans whose ideology does align more closely with the socially conservative elements of the GOP, and some wealthier people who will happily vote for whoever lowers their taxes. The right-wing establishment has been successful at creating very persistent lies--that the government is "bigger" than it's ever been, that taxes are higher than ever, that red states' tax money is supporting the cities in blue states, that crime is increasing and that immigrants commit more crime in general, that guns make us safer, that white, straight, Christian men are victims of "reverse discrimination," that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by academics who want more grant money and so on.

    As they say, a lie makes it around the world before the truth gets its boots on.
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