Hello fellow wordsmiths (I've never really liked that word, it doesn't quite ring true to me. We smith stories and explanations with words thought I guess copper/silver/metal/gold/tin smiths smith with the thing so it makes perfect sense)

I'm living in (outside) Seattle and decided to try to make it as a writer. I've thought of myself as a "writer" for a really long time, probably 20 years, and I've constantly dabbled in it, but I sort of turned the corner and realized that I might as well just go for it, because if not now, then when? And the realization and beginning to move forward with it have made me the happiest I've been in a long time. What I really wanted/want is just to write big (epic fantasy to start) novels and work as a more traditional writer. But doing some research that seems like kind of a hail marry pass strategy, so I'm currently trying to finish my novel while simultaneously writing a bunch of flash fiction and shorts and maybe a novella or two, so I can get rejected a bunch and see how the real world works, and hopefully also build a portfolio and a platform (website + some social media following), in the end I think this will make me a better writer and more marketable so eventually I can convince an agent to take me on.