What makes writers tick? Coffee
What inspires? Anything
How difficult is it to maintain friendships? Facebook has changed the way I keep people at arm's length. I do call friends, but not as much as I should. Coffee dates are wonderful. Actually traveling and meeting with them is not my strong suit.

Or chat about writing.
Do you prefer to write with music playing? During a speedwrite. If I'm plowing through a scene for the first time then it helps me. The music must compliment the main character or the type of ending I'm writing toward.
Or would you rather have complete silence? If I am editing or evaluating how to solve a plot problem.
Do you write every day? No, I get blocked and I have a lot of health problems.
How many hours do you normally spend? One or two at a time.
Do you rewrite and rewrite, think you finally have it, look at your work the following day, tear it apart and rewrite it again? I speed write through. If something doesn't feel right then I rewrite or do chapters and pick and choose later. I chose my own adventure.