A quote from the agent in question, ""I was still fascinated by this new world you'd created and its accompanying technology, the main conceit of the novel is still a very handy framework on which to hang a plot, and damn do you know how to pace a book to keep a reader on the edge of their seats. This really does have a lot going for it."

Hi all!

I got an R&R from a really great agent about a month ago and I just finished the edits. I'm hoping to crit swap with someone in a similar position, as this novel should not need a ton of feedback. Ideally if SF thrillers are your thing, it should be as enjoyable as a novel you might buy with perhaps a few hiccups. I have about a half page of notes from the agent I can send along with the manuscript. He had three main points for me to address. The protagonist wasn't showing enough remorse for the things he was forced to do, the technology was inconsistently applied and not fully explained, and the consequences weren't "dark and meaty" enough (specifically mentioned PTSD).

This novel has graphic violence, sex, and swearing.

85,000 Words.