After I got the latest Windows 10 update a few weeks ago, my headphones stopped working. I plug them in, nothing happens. I unmute the volume, only the speakers work. I looked online for a solution; they all confused me. I tried following the least confusing directions (update the driver) and nothing changed. I'm not even sure of what program/drivers I should be looking at. I'm not even sure if I read the directions right; I may have inadvertently screw something up!

So here I am, asking for help, because I can only see 3 solutions:

1. Ask for the dummy's version, assuming one exists.

2. Have a techie relative look into it. Unfortunately, my only 2 choices are my BIL (who doesn't have a lot of spare time) and my brother (who is, to put it nicely, loud and opinionated).

3. Consider this a job for the professionals, and hope it doesn't cost more than my laptop's worth.

If it helps, my laptop is a Dell Inspirion 15, 3000 series.

Thank you.