I'm working on a self defense book for people that train in Taekwondo (Korean martial art).

Taekwondo is a martial art that uses a lot of kicking techniques, which is great for self defense because legs are (usually) longer and stronger than our arms are. Specifically, it works really well for smaller people who have to defend against larger people. The problem is that after Taekwondo became an Olympic sport the Korean government (the Tourism Bureau believe it or not) has taken over and is regulating what is taught. So the art is becoming just another sport, and the self defense aspect is being lost.

I want to document that aspect of the art before it is completely forgotten.

KDP has an 8x11 inch template that I can use, and I have most of the text already written. The problem will be the pictures necessary to illustrate the techniques. Does anyone have experience with such a project? Should I go to a photo studio? The pictures need to look professional - so I guess that's the best route.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.