Just as everyone has said or hinted, writing is a personal journey; there is no one size that fits all. Although I was writing constantly, I didn't publish my first story until I was 33 years old, and then 10 years passed before my second story was published. Realize that no one else's experience is going to be your experience. Take all advice as what worked for them and see how it fits you.

As for mentoring, I'd recommend going light on that. A good mentor may help you find your style, but a bad mentor will try to direct your style. At the very least, try to get input for several sources. One route you might consider is a continuing education class (what we call them in the U.S.) at your local community college. It's likely affordable, likely in the evenings, and likely taught by a published poet or writer. I have always been skeptical of writing courses outside of academia. What I've seen of them is replete with conventional writing wisdom, and they often seem more like a revenue stream for the teacher than a work of love. Find some writing groups in your community to share and discuss your work. The local college English Department may be able to direct you to some. Your library might. Try Meetup.org to see if there is a group in your area. Or just get to know a few writers and start your own group.

Most of all, keep writing, even if you think it's junk. Just keep doing it.